Working at Asheville Humane

Working at Asheville Humane: Where Tails Wag and Talents Shine

Since 1984, Asheville Humane Society has been more than just a pit stop for animals in need; it’s been a whirlwind adventure.

Want to know what it’s like working at Asheville Humane? From the joyful barks echoing in the morning to the purrs that lull us into the evening, our days are filled with tales of compassion, connection, and countless second chances. 

Your Daily Dose of Paws and Play: Imagine if you walked into work and were greeted by sweet meows or excited tail wags. Here, that’s just Tuesday.  Beyond our mission of ensuring every animal gets the quality of life they deserve, there’s an undercurrent of sheer joy that comes with interacting with our furry residents. 

Diversity for a Common Cause: Our diversity isn’t just limited to the range of four-legged guests. The people? Oh, they’re an assorted mix, too – full of heart, humor, and the kind of audacity that brings dreams to life. It’s all in the name of animal love, after all. We embrace and celebrate the many cultures, perspectives, and beliefs that converge here. We make sure everyone—staff, volunteers, and our community—feels respected, heard, and included.

Many Hats, One Heartbeat: Whether you’re an animal care worker perfecting the art of ear scratches, a behavior team member decoding the mystery of feline stares, an adoption counselor playing matchmaker, or an administrator ensuring the ship sails smoothly – there’s a nook carved out just for you. The work can be challenging, but it’s never undertaken alone. 

Beyond the Kennel: We carry our vibrant spirit beyond our walls, engaging with the community, advocating for our furry friends, and promoting responsible pet ownership. And while we leap into every new escapade, safety harnesses (both literal and metaphorical) are always in check.

Not Just Another Adoption Tale: Dive into Asheville Humane, and you won’t just find animals awaiting homes. You’ll discover stories waiting to unfold, friendships ready to bloom, and a team armed with warmth, wit, and open paws.

Each day, we’re reminded of the magic that ensues when humans and animals come together. As a team, we embrace life’s wild, wonderful, and wagging rhythm. And trust us, it’s a rhythm you won’t want to miss.