Lost a Pet

We're here to help! In 2021, we reunited over 1,000 pets with their families.

How to find your missing pet

Losing a pet is scary and stressful. Take a deep breath. Here's what you need to do.

Check our found pets & submit a lost pet report

These pages include found strays currently in our care. Please call us immediately if you see your pet at (828) 250-6430. Listings are updated in real-time, so be sure to check back regularly. You can also check other local animal rescues for your pet.

Search for your pet online

Someone may have found your pet and posted them online. If you don’t see your pet, post photos and information about your pet on these channels. Websites to check include:

Check your pet's microchip information

Make sure your pet’s microchip information is all up-to-date. Pets have been reunited with their owners after several years thanks to microchips!

Get the word out

Post on your social media channels and create a flyer to share. Eighty percent of lost pets are found within a mile of their home, so be sure to hang them up in your neighborhood and at nearby shops. Try using several pictures that show your pet in good lighting. Create a missing pet profile on Petco Love Lost and utilize their shareable templates. Beware that websites using pet facial recognition may not always work properly.

Petco Love Lost

Petco Love Lost can help you find your pet. Please note we are not affiliated with Petco Love Lost, but we recommend searching their database and creating a profile for your missing pet.

Reunited two years later

After Kitten went missing, Sarah frantically searched for him. Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into years. One day, she got an unexpected call from us – we had him in our care!

“Being reunited two and a half, nearly three years later was the biggest shock! I always knew he would come back I just never imagined what that day would look like. Never lose hope for our lost fluffy ones. I know it’s crazy, it seems impossible, but miracles do happen.”