Where Second Chances Begin

Life can take surprising and challenging turns for all of us. Whether you are in search of a wonderful animal needing a new home, or you need to find a loving home for your own pet, we have many resources available.

Do you need help keeping your pet?

Tips for rehoming your pet:

Create a pet profile with online rehoming tools. Rehome.adoptapet.com and home-home.org are great options! Please note that we are not affiliated with these websites and do not facilitate the adoption process.

Spay or Neuter your pet before adoption to make them more attractive to adopters, help prevent pet overpopulation, and keep your pet from being used for breeding. Our Community Solutions program offers free spay/neuter vouchers.

Create a flyer about your pet and see if you can post it at your local vet’s office, work, and pet stores.

Ask potential adopters many questions about their lifestyle, pet experience, and plans to care for your pet. Consider asking for their veterinarian’s contact info so you can get a reference. Be sure to meet strangers in a public location for your and your pet’s safety. If an adoption decision is made, discuss a backup plan in case the pet is not a good fit for their new family.

Share cute photos and attention-grabbing bios on your social media channels. Ask a friend to post for you if you are not on social media. Using great pictures and videos can make a big difference! Try to take photos in natural lighting and showcase your pet’s best features.

If your pet meets the criteria, you can contact a breed-specific rescue to assist you with rehoming.

If you adopted your animal at Asheville Humane, please send us their new adopter’s information so we can update our records.


Rehome can also help you find your pet a new home. Set up your pet’s profile, review applications from potential adopters, and set up meetings with applicants. Please note, we are not affiliated with Rehome and do not facilitate the adoption process for pets available through this program.

Home to Home Animal Adoption

Keeping animals out of shelters through direct home placement
Home to Home is an interactive platform created to help families, people, and pets with the difficult task of transitioning pets from one home to another. You can find a pet, foster a pet, or rehome a pet.