Vera finds a loving home

Vera had been at the shelter for over three months waiting on the perfect family to come and take her home. 

She’s an extraordinary girl who needed a special family. Dennis and Regina went into the adoption center one day, intending to look around at the dogs to see what was available. They walked in, unaware that an adoption promotion was currently in full swing. As they walked through several times, they stopped to ask to spend time with Vera. 

The Adoption Counselors knew that Vera was a special case, so they spent time explaining all of her needs. After patiently listening to everything, Dennis told our Adoptions Manager that he had Regina had no kids or grandkids, that they had only ever had dogs. They always had one special dog at a time so that they could give them all of their love. Vera was sweet with them and wasted no time drawing Dennis and Regina in. Dennis said her smile stole his heart upon first glance. They were smitten with her personality, soul, kisses, and mischievous nature. 

While adopting, they mentioned to the Adoptions Manager that they “wanted to adopt a dog that would honor the memory of their soulmate, Jax.” Jax was their rescue dog who changed their lives and made them love bully mixes. 

On their way out the door, Regina said, “We’re so happy to be the parents of a new baby girl.”