Exploring Pet Parenthood

Asheville Humane Society's Test Drive Program

Are you considering expanding your family with a furry companion? The decision to adopt a pet is a significant one, filled with excitement and responsibility. For those interested in pet adoption but still on the fence about their decision to bring home a new addition, the Asheville Humane Society offers a unique opportunity to test drive pet parenthood through an innovative new program.

Introducing the Test Drive program – a seven-day experience that allows prospective pet parents to bring home a dog from the Asheville Humane Society and see how they fit into their lifestyle. This trial period offers a glimpse into the joys and responsibilities of pet ownership, helping individuals make an informed decision before committing to adoption.

Here’s how it works: All available dogs older than six months are eligible for the Test Drive program. This inclusive approach ensures that a wide range of furry friends have the opportunity to find their perfect match. Interested individuals can visit the Adoption Center and chat with an Adoption Counselor to learn more about the dogs available for testing.

Once you’ve found a furry friend you’re interested in, the real adventure begins. You’ll take your chosen dog home for seven days, immersing yourself in the experience of pet companionship. During this time, you’ll have the opportunity to observe the dog’s behavior, personality, and how they integrate into your daily routine.

The Test Drive program isn’t just about finding the right pet, it’s also about providing valuable insights for both the adopter and our adoptions team at Asheville Humane Society. If, at the end of the seven days, you feel that the dog is the perfect fit for your family, you’ll be able to finalize the adoption and welcome them into your home permanently.

However, if you determine that the match isn’t quite right, that’s okay too. Your experience during the Test Drive period provides valuable feedback that can help us better understand the dog’s needs, behaviors, and preferences. Are they housetrained? Do they get along with other dogs, cats, or children in the home? We don’t often know that information when a dog comes into the shelter, so the Test Drive provides invaluable insight. This information is crucial in finding their ideal forever home, ensuring that each pet is placed in a loving and suitable environment.

By participating in the Test Drive program, you’re not only exploring the possibility of pet ownership,  you’re also making a meaningful difference in the lives of shelter animals. Your involvement helps provide dogs with the opportunity to experience the love and care of a home environment while they wait for their forever family.

So, are you ready to embark on a journey of pet parenthood? Take the first step by visiting our Adoption Center and inquire about the Test Drive program. Who knows? You might just find your perfect match and make a furry friend for life.