End of Life Services

Our compassionate staff is here to help you say goodbye to your pet with dignity and love.

There are few things that are more difficult than making the decision to say goodbye to your beloved pet. As a pet parent, you may have to decide to humanely euthanize your pet due to a diminished quality of life. We recommend you speak with your veterinarian for guidance in this decision.


We ask for a $40 donation for humane euthanasia for cats and dogs, and a $20 donation for humane euthanasia for small animals, but no one is ever turned away for inability to pay for this service.

There are several options for the handling of your pet’s remains. We offer individual and communal cremations through Agape Pet Services, prices are determined by weight of the pet. You may choose to take your pet home for burial or our staff can handle your pet’s remains.

No appointment is needed. You can bring your pet to the shelter during operating hours, however we ask that you arrive before 5:30pm.

Unfortunately, we are not a licensed veterinary practice. As a result, we are unable to allow pet owners to be present during the procedure. You can rest assured though, that our trained and certified staff will carry out the procedure with compassion, allowing your pet to pass as peacefully as possible.

Unfortunately, our staff cannot create paw prints or other keepsakes for you. However, if you choose to utilize pet cremation through Agape Pet Services, there are several options for paw prints and other keepsakes available at an additional cost.