Sharing is Caring: Animal Care Monday

The Animal Care Team is the backbone of Asheville Humane Society. From feeding, cleaning, and monitoring, to bonding, playing, and walking, our Animal Care Team members are essential to keeping our organization afloat. Every Monday we will be highlighting a team member who has shown exceptional care and dedication to the animals in our care and our mission.

Meet Rye

Animal Care Team Member

Rye has been working for Asheville Humane Society since April 2022. Full of complete dedication for the animals, they have helped countless dogs become more ready for adoption and have been working hard with the "it takes a village dogs," dogs who are working on their manners and comfort levels with members of our team.
What does it mean to you to work in animal care? 

To work in animal care for me means that I can give animals who may have never experienced love before get to experience being loved and cared for

What are some of the best parts of  your job?

The best part of my job is seeing dogs & cats come in as strays being shutdown and timid come around after a few days or weeks and began to show personality and comfort around us.

What are some of the hardest parts of your job? 

The hardest part of my job is definitely seeing when the little guys don’t make it. We try our best with every case but some aren’t fortunate enough to be adoptable.

Have you had any moment that has really stuck out to you as a reason you keep coming back? Or, why do you keep coming back? 

I keep coming back because I have seen the change that I’ve made with some of the higher arousal dogs. Some of the dogs just need more of an outlet to get out energy and when I have the time I get those dogs out as much as I can. I can definitely tell the difference in their behavior as a result and that’s one of the main reasons I come back.

Why do you feel so passionately about animals? 

I feel so passionately about animals because they don’t have a voice like humans do. They need someone to care for them and advocate for
them. They are loyal, trust worthy, and loving.

What do you want the public to know about your job? 

I want the public to know that we try our hardest to give you the best pet possible. Whether that means taking them out on more walks, giving a bunny or cat more enrichment, or just brushing them every once and a while. We care for them as much as we do so you can continue and further that care in a home!

Anything else you want to add!

If I had anything to add it would be to ask the public not only to look at the “most appealing” or most “conventional” pet and look for a pet who tugs on your heart strings. Some of our pets sit for a longer time because they aren’t conventionally the best looking pet but they have great hearts and personalities too!