Reunited After Two Years

When Sarah’s cat “Kitten” escaped and couldn’t be found, she desperately hoped he would return.

Sarah had adopted her new family member from AHS and although she picked out a name for him, he only ever responded to “Kitten” and so it stuck!

“He literally slept in my arms like a teddy bear every night and we adored each other so much,” Sarah shared. One night a big gust of wind popped the front door open just enough for Kitten to slip out. “I freaked out and ran after him, which I always thought afterward was my biggest mistake. He’s a scaredy-cat! Why did I chase him? To this day, I can still picture so vividly him just bolting into the woods after I was inches from picking him up.”

Sarah posted Kitten’s picture on social media and around town and even set up a camera to try and find him. “I honestly slept in the living room with the front door propped open hoping he would slip back in. We ended up having to move, but I never lost hope that he was out there trying to find us.”

Days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into years.

Then, nearly three years after Kitten went missing, Sarah got an unexpected call. Kitten had been found as a stray and brought to Asheville Humane by a kind stranger. Our admitting team scanned his microchip and called the number listed. Sarah cried with relief as she heard the news and excitedly drove to the shelter within an hour of receiving our call.

As soon as they saw each other, Kitten loudly meowed in recognition and excitement!

“Being reunited two and a half, nearly three years later was the biggest shock! I always knew he would come back I just never imagined what that day would look like,” Sarah told us.

“Never lose hope for our lost fluffy ones. I know it’s crazy, it seems impossible, but miracles do happen.”

Sarah & Kitten

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