From Rags to Riches: Regina’s Story

From rags to riches...Regina makes a full recovery!

Mid-January, while a garbage truck was checking in for maintenance after a routine route, a senior technician at Asheville  Waste Management made a startling discovery. 

A tiny kitten with severe injuries revealed herself after possibly having ridden near the exhaust pipe of the truck! At five weeks old, she was only 2.4 lbs, and as our medical team examined her, they realized she had melted garbage on her fur from when she was stuck under the garbage truck. Despite a rough start to her life, with a little TLC, pain medication, and medical care, Regina quickly started to recover and settle into her foster home. 

A month later, she was ready for adoption! Newly outfitted in her fresh and clean coat, a few extra pounds, and carrying the sweet love from our animal care staff, Regina has found her furever home and is purring away.