We're Mobile!

In an effort to combat the spay/neuter crisis in Buncombe Co., and to increase accessibility to low-cost animal care services in the community, Asheville Humane Society has launched a Mobile Medical Unit!

Our Impact

Asheville Humane Society is committed to ensuring that every companion animal we adopt into the community is spayed/neutered (S/N). However, the demand for S/N appointments is simply too high, meaning animals in our care take up valuable space while waiting for surgery. A longer length of stay for animals leads to overcrowding and overcapacity, increased risk of illness/disease outbreak, and behavioral challenges. We are currently flooded with requests for S/N from the community, with waitlists as long as 3-4 months for community-owned pets. 

We are proud to introduce a new mobile medical clinic to address the growing demand for S/N services in Buncombe County. Our Mobile Medical Unit will S/N the animals in our care, to allow for a shorter wait to get them into their loving new homes. Additionally, the MMU will bring wellness services into the community providing accessible and affordable solutions to issues plaguing our pet-loving community.

Take a look inside...

The inside of our Mobile Medical Unit is customized to fit exactly our needs. Scroll around to see the equipment taking care of our animals!

Quad Surgical Light

Electric Exam/Prep Area

Anesthesia Machines


Digital Scale

Surgical Instruments

Instrument Stand

Oxygen Concentrator

Bair Hugger Recovery Warmer


Warm Water Surgical Heating Blanket

Pulse Oximeter

Schedule a Spay/Neuter Appointment

Our Mobile Medical Unit offers spay/neuter services to the public once a week. Begin the process below: