Many Animals in Desperate Need of Temporary Homes

Many Animals in Desperate Need of Temporary Homes

Buncombe County Animal Shelter reaches capacity after taking in over 200 animals in the past two weeks.

June 29, 2023—Asheville, NC In a dire plea to the public, Asheville Humane Society is seeking new foster families for all animals after reaching capacity in the Buncombe County Animal Shelter. Fostering an animal opens up space in the shelter for our team to continue taking in animals while allowing an animal to gain crucial socialization and medical care, meaning fosters impact twice as many animals. Even if only for ten days, fostering saves lives.

With partner organizations also at capacity, our only option is to turn to the community for support and rely on our generous animal lovers to open their homes to a furry friend. Though we have revamped our animal enrichment programs and been rocking the adoptions in the past month, we simply do not have the space to keep up with the incoming number of animals.

“Foster homes are absolutely critical to our mission. If we know we have foster families at the ready, we can save more lives. It’s really that simple,” says Jeff Hassell, Executive Director at Asheville Humane Society.

Becoming a foster with Asheville Humane Society is very straightforward. With every foster pickup, you are provided all of the supplies, food, and toys you could ever need to ensure that your foster pet is healthy and happy. Plus, you will have access to a website that shows you all the animals who are in search of a foster home. Whether you can only commit to fostering an animal for a short time or you’re looking for a longer commitment, we can match you with the perfect animal. To get started, visit and apply!

About Asheville Humane Society:

Since 1984, we’ve dedicated ourselves to ensuring every animal has the quality of life they deserve – a life worth living. Now, we go beyond our walls to help create a more humane community for pets and the people who love them.

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