Sharing is Caring: Animal Care Monday

The Animal Care Team is the backbone of Asheville Humane Society. From feeding, cleaning, and monitoring, to bonding, playing, and walking, our Animal Care Team members are essential to keeping our organization afloat. Every Monday we will be highlighting a team member who has shown exceptional care and dedication to the animals in our care and our mission.

Meet Lydia

Animal Care Team Member

Lydia has been working with Asheville Humane Society since July 2021. Usually in the isolation unit, Lydia provides sick animals with the extra care and attention they need to begin their healing journey. She is an incredibly hard worker and puts her all into the care of these animals. She is always on top of everything and makes sure even the side tasks are getting completed. She is also the master of the laundry room and is always early, ready to take on the day. 
What does it mean to you to work in animal care?

My dream since I was little was to work with animals, didn’t matter the species, wild or domesticated. Being in Animal Care is amazing as I am on the front lines in making sure animals who are vulnerable and often in rough shape get the extra care they need to thrive. We monitor them for anything that seems off medically or behaviorally and are usually in the right spot and at the right time to bring attention to any changes.

What are some of the best parts of your job?

I am usually stationed in our ISO sections, which means I care for sick animals that need extra medical care and need to be in quiet areas. It is extremely rewarding to see the dogs and cats who have no appetite nor any energy due to illness start getting better. Especially if their medical issues are hitting them hard, seeing these animals coming around and their true healthy selves come out is a good feeling. Of course, seeing the animals in our care find a forever home is also a plus!

What are some of the hardest parts of your job?

The most challenging thing about Animal Care for me is seeing animals come in that are obviously in poor care and scared out of their minds. It’s also rough losing animals to circumstances out of our control, such as illness, especially if they have been fighting said illness for a long time. This job, at times, can be mentally and physically challenging, but the rewards, to me, make the job worth it.

Have you had a moment that has really stuck out to you as a reason you keep coming back? Or why do you keep coming back?

Rewarding moments to me are seeing a dog or cat that is scared and shut down come around and become a very sweet animal. Or when animals who come in sick and skinny turn the corner for the better. These moments keep bringing me back as I have the opportunity to help these animals that generally just need to see that they can and will be loved by us and just need the time to come out of their shell or recover from whatever ails them.

Why do you feel so passionately about animals?

I have always been the type of person who much rather be in the company of animals rather than people. Being the introvert I am, there is something so uncomplicated about animals. They just want your love and care and do not judge or leave you for some minor detail. So, if I can give back by helping these animals stay as stress free as possible and keep them happy and healthy until they get adopted, then I will!

What do you want the public to know about your job?

When you adopt from us, I want you to know that you are making our day; it is truly the highlight. We are always smiling when we see one of our favorites or an animal who has been with us for a long time find its forever home. Thank you for taking home your new family member, and I hope that they bring all the joy they gave us while they were with us!