Sharing is Caring: Animal Care Monday

The Animal Care Team is the backbone of Asheville Humane Society. From feeding, cleaning, and monitoring, to bonding, playing, and walking, our Animal Care Team members are essential to keeping our organization afloat. Every Monday we will be highlighting a team member who has shown exceptional care and dedication to the animals in our care and our mission.

Meet Ian

Animal Care Team Member

Ian has been working at Asheville Humane Society since 2022. He is always observant and quick to notice any changes. After growing his knowledge of cats, Ian helped countless cats come out of their shells. Those ferals turned friendly...a lot of that comes from Ian's consistency. Ian also has a great relationship with the dog, Commodore, and they are often seen happily walking together around campus.
What does it mean to you to work in animal care? 

We are responsible for the feeding, cleaning, and medicating the animals, but it also means we get to spend a lot of time interacting directly with them.

What are some of the best parts of your job?

The animals! Being able to spend so much time one on one with cats and dogs is hands down the best part of the job. Working in animal care, inevitably you will build relationships with the animals you care for and that is very special.

What are some of the hardest parts of your job?

The difficulties that come with animal care fluctuate from day to day. Depending on what section you are assigned to, some days are definitely harder than others. Probably the hardest part, though is not taking home all of the cuties!

Have you had a moment that has stuck out to you as a reason why you keep coming back? Or, why do you keep coming back?

Despite the challenges presented by this job, the bond that exists between animal care and the animals is definitely what keeps me coming back every day. Also this is by far the best team I have ever worked with, so my animal care coworkers as well!

Why do you feel so passionately about animals?

I have felt a strong connection with animals ever since I can remember. I grew up with lots of dogs and cats, as well as chickens, goats, and rabbits at times. Animals have always been an important part of my family, and the bonds I have with my pets are as strong or stronger than some of my familial bonds.

Ian pictured with Commodore, one of our adoptable dogs.