Heartwarming Rescue

Community Efforts Save a Kitten's Life

May 30th, 2023—Asheville, NC – In a remarkable display of compassion, Asheville community members recently came together to save the life of a tiny feline.
The incident unfolded when local resident, Aly, was driving down Charlotte Highway (Hwy 74) with her dog and approached what seemed to be a dead possum on the road.

Elizabeth and her husband were also driving on Charlotte Highway when they witnessed what looked like two stuffed animals being thrown from the window of a nearby vehicle. With a sinking feeling in their guts, they immediately pulled over onto the median. Aly had also pulled over to investigate, and amidst the chaos of passing cars, they discovered the heartbreaking truth: a tiny kitten had tragically lost its life due to the callous actions of an unknown individual.

Another kitten was trapped in the road, terrified as vehicles passed by and overhead. Aly, Elizabeth, and Elizabeth’s husband quickly worked together to stop traffic and rescue the surviving kitten, sparing it from the same fate.

Determined to provide the injured kitten the care it desperately needed, they sought guidance from their local community and were directed to Asheville Humane Society.

Asheville Humane Society medical staff examined the kitten, now named Wren, and promptly attended to her injuries, treating her bleeding nose and scraped face. A thorough examination revealed injuries to her back legs, but fortunately, there were no fractures or dislocations. Although Wren initially exhibited signs of neurological issues resulting from the traumatic incident, her symptoms have now resolved.

Aly graciously stepped forward to foster Wren in her home, providing the little kitten with a safe and loving environment to grow healthy and strong before becoming available for adoption. Wren has made remarkable progress, sleeping on Aly’s chest at night and enjoying playtime with her new canine roommate.

“Today, Wren is bubbly, adventurous, and full of love for everyone she meets,” Aly says. Aly extended her appreciation to Elizabeth and her family, Asheville Humane Society, and the individuals who facilitated Wren’s connection with the shelter. “Everyone’s contributions have allowed this little soul to blossom and shine.”

Interested adopters should visit ashevillehumane.org, updated live with adoptable animals, to learn when Wren is ready to find her forever family.

“We are so grateful for the individuals that rescued Wren. Her journey is a testament to the profound impact we can have as a community,” Sarah Quintas, Communications Manager at Asheville Humane Society, shares. As the search for answers continues, Sarah urges anyone with information regarding the vehicle involved to contact local law enforcement. “Together, we can create a more humane community and prevent similar incidents from recurring.”

About Asheville Humane Society:
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