Foliage to Floyd, Stray to Adopted

Every week the Asheville Humane Society Marketing team takes an adoptable animal to AVL Radio Group! While at the station, adoptable animals are promoted via Facebook Live, and also get a fun excursion off campus.

Last week, we took Foliage on a trip to the AVL Radio Group. He was expecting to just get his moment of stardom and some adoption publicity. Little did he know that he was going to find his forever family. Foliage has a malformation of his spine which makes his gait a little different. He never lets it slow him down and it doesn’t cause him any pain, but when he walks he sways side to side. As we pulled up to the radio station, Joey, a close friend of AHS, former adopter, and loyal donor, was getting out of her car to make her way to 105.9 The Mountain to be named their Hometown Hero.

As soon as she saw Foliage, his silly walk, and his happy smile, Joey was a goner. A few years ago, Joey adopted Roscoe who also needed medical attention on his legs. Joey is familiar with the requirements of a dog with special needs and has created a space in her home where they can live their lives to the fullest in a safe and comfortable way.

We went about our day at the radio station, introducing Foliage to new people and presenting him on Facebook Live. All the while, Joey couldn’t take her eyes off him. By the end of our radio visit, Joey knew that Foliage belonged in her family.


Foliage has officially been adopted and we are so touched by the lasting commitment and love that Joey has shown to our organization. Foliage, who is now named Floyd, was so excited to meet one of his new brothers, Roscoe, and will now live in a loving home with doggie siblings and all the amenities he could ever need.