Flexin’ a Success Story

Flexin' a Success Story

Flex was with Asheville Humane Society for almost a year and was in foster care for about half of that time! He came in with several medical concerns, including being heartworm positive and facing a severe skin infection that lasted for months. Initially, he was given medicated baths and topical skin treatments. Once our team realized that he had a bacterial skin infection that was resistant to antibiotics, he was sent to a dermatologist to get a higher degree of care. 

In addition to his medical concerns, Flex also came to us shy, timid, and avoidant of people. The combination of these two elements made him a fantastic candidate for foster care. While in foster care he could get the intense medical attention he needed, while also being able to rewire his interactions with people and develop a relationship within a house environment. Both were essential to ensuring he was ready for adoption. 

Thanks to the great care of his foster, his fur is coming back in and he has a glossy and beautiful fresh coat.  He is a chunky man who thinks he is a lap dog, loves his stuffies, and finds great joy in finishing his food puzzles.

Flex was recently adopted and we couldn’t be happier for him and his new family. He is sure to be found lounging on the couch and demanding all the pets like the true homebody he is.