Two Strays’ Best Day Ever

Two Stray's Best Day Ever

In Buncombe County, NC, Asheville Humane Society’s Community Sheltering Center (CSC) is making waves in the lives of pet owners and their beloved animals, providing both traditional sheltering services and innovative community-based reunification efforts. Two incredible tales took place on the same Saturday, one involving “Buddy Guy” the cat and the other featuring “Cash” the dog, highlight the profound impact of the CSC on reuniting pets with their families.

Take the heartwarming story of “Buddy Guy,” the cat, for example. A kind community member found him and brought him to the shelter. Utilizing the microchip scanner station found outside of the CSC, the shelter identified the owner but couldn’t reach them immediately. Instead of leaving Buddy Guy at the shelter, the finder, Chris, took the initiative to care for the cat overnight.

The next day, the owner, Lynne, nervously contacted the shelter after being notified by the microchip company. The relief in her voice was profound upon learning that her cat who had been missing for two years, was not only alive and well but in the temporary care of a Good Samaritan. A meeting at a local grocery store parking lot reunited Lynne with her long-lost cat, leading her to express gratitude for the finder, stating that she wouldn’t have minded if Buddy Guy had been with him the whole time. This story showcases the success of community-based reunification, where pets are temporarily placed with finders while efforts are made to connect them with their owners.

Meanwhile, Cash’s story unfolded through a different journey. A community member, currently living in her car with her family, found Cash and kept him overnight. Unable to find an open vet on a Saturday, she brought Cash to the shelter. The dog was chipped, leading to a call with the owner, who was shocked to discover that his missing dog had been found. The stunned silence on the phone was palpable, as it turned out Cash had been missing for a year! The finder was ecstatic about her discovery, but had to temporarily leave to pick up a family member, enabling the CSC to play a crucial role in the reunion until the owner arrived. The reunion between Cash and his owner highlighted the importance of traditional sheltering services in cases where immediate reunification is possible.

Through community-based reunification, pets like Buddy Guy will continue to find temporary homes with caring individuals, reducing the stress on the shelter system. Simultaneously, the CSC facilitates traditional sheltering services for cases like Cash, ensuring safe housing and eventual reunion of lost pets with their owners. 

These stories underscore the versatile and impactful role of Asheville Humane Society in serving the community and reuniting pets with their families, whether through innovative community efforts or traditional sheltering programs. This innovative approach creates a network of support that extends well beyond the shelter, strengthening the bond between pets and their owners in Buncombe County.