A UNCA Bulldog Finds Her Home

Blue Diamond Goes Home! 

The staff and volunteers at Asheville Humane Society were lucky enough to get to know and love Blue Diamond deeply. She was with us for 7 months!

As a long hauler on the adoption floor, Blue Diamond got frequent walks, thrilling hikes with Hiking Hounds, many an office visit, and even a trip to UNC Asheville to meet some friends.

Blue Diamond absolutely loves people, she can’t hide her excitement upon meeting someone new and her back end can’t stop wiggling.

At about 5 years old, Blue Diamond has arthritis and hip dysplasia. It never slows her down and she is a champ at taking her medicine. She would watch her friends come and go while she stayed on the adoption floor, but she didn’t terribly mind because she had constant companions in her caregivers. As we all know, though, nothing can ever truly replace feeling at home with your forever family.

Blue Diamond was able to make anyone who met her fall in love, and she finally found her forever family on the day her favorite basketball team, the UNCA Bulldogs, played in the first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

It was meant to be and she made it home just in time to watch them on TV.

Staff, volunteers, and animals alike are so happy Blue Diamond has found her home.