A Terrific Transformation

From shy to outgoing: this little guy is ready to find his forever family

After receiving outside medical care from Veterinary Emergency Group, Cold Brew was surrendered to us. When Cold Brew came in, he was incredibly timid and shy, and was very resistant to come out of his travel kennel even once it was placed in his larger kennel. He didn’t like the loud noises of the shelter, nor was he especially socialized with people.

However, one of our incredible behavior support team members, River, was determined to lure Cold Brew out of his shell and paid close attention to what made Cold Brew comfortable. Little by little, River gained Cold Brew’s trust by offering cheese at the kennel door, demonstrating slow approaches, and creating a safe space within the behavior office for Cold Brew to explore.

13 days after being surrendered, Cold Brew was comfortable enough to walk out of his kennel on a leash without needing to be picked up and carried! This was an incredible testament to the support Cold Brew has received in our care. One of our foster team members stated, “This transformation is one of the greatest I’ve seen personally!”

Cold Brew has made incredible strides, and is now eager to flaunt his personality (and his ears) to get all the pets possible! River demonstrates that our staff is so dedicated to the best possible outcome for the animals in our care and knows that the same method doesn’t always fit every animal. 

Cold Brew is now available to be adopted! You can visit our adoption center to meet him or learn more on our adoption page.