A Second Chance at Love for Quinn

Quinn and her new dad!

Shut down and depressed. This is how Quinn arrived into our care after losing her owner of 8 years. Understandably, Quinn was despondently confused about why she was suddenly in the shelter. 

After Quinn’s owner passed, a dear friend and loyal supporter of Asheville Humane Society, did everything in her power to rehome Quinn outside of the shelter. Unfortunately, Quinn wasn’t bonding with anyone and was surrendered into our care. 

Upon her arrival, her soulful eyes were communicating immense emotional pain. Our staff was concerned. Quinn wasn’t excited to see her regular caregivers, she wouldn’t play, and she hid behind the chair in her kennel away from the eyes of potential adopters. Whenever she had a playdate in an office, she would stand right by the office chair, just like she used to do with her elderly owner. 

However, our staff kept doing everything they could for Quinn. They sought a foster home, they worked on getting her comfortable with riding in a car so that she could go on hikes, and they increased the amount of time she spent socializing with other people. Little by little, she started to open up. 

A month and a half after she came into our care, an adopter who was ready for a new friend after losing his beloved dog, came into the Adoption Center. He fell in love with Quinn and could tell that she needed him as much as he needed her. They went home together on the same day! 

Though Quinn will always carry her first owner with her, we are so happy that Quinn and her new dad have a second chance at love.