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Urban Tails Re-launch!

Asheville Humane Society was asked by Maddie’s Fund to participate in a nationwide study on the benefit of fieldtrip programs for shelter dogs! We eagerly accepted this opportunity and got to work on revamping our Urban Tails Program!

The Urban Tails program was created in order to help reduce kennel stress and provide dogs with enrichment and increased visibility. Trained volunteers take shelter dogs on walks, hikes, or to their homes or businesses to give them a break from the shelter. Not only are these outings a great experience for the dogs, they also allow us to gather important behavioral information for potential adopters. We're very excited to re-launch this beneficial program on Saturday, March 23! We reached out to our volunteers and 40 people quickly signed up to participate! 

After a training presentation, the volunteers will be matched with a shelter dog for their chosen adventure! Participants will be provided with everything they need for a successful field trip. The goal is to have as many dogs particpate as possible with 2+ hours to stretch their legs and have fun! Saturday's event is already full, but Asheville Humane Society will be looking for more volunteers to participate in this ongoing program! 

To become an Urban Tails volunteer, you must:

  • Attend a Volunteer and Foster Information Session
  • Complete basic service requirements
  • Attend Pooch Essentials Class
  • Attend Canine Body Language Class (preferred but not required)
  • Sign up for an Urban Tails shift through the Volunteer Information Center online!

We look forward to making this program a success with help from Maddie's Fund!

Photo courtesy of Sophie Magazine; Dog model: AHS Alum, Larry

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