Coco Kitty steals the hearts of young family

What would you do if you had a few extra toes? 

Coco Kitty was born with a spunky personality and a few extra toes covered in the softest fur! After coming into our care, she was diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection (URI) and a few dietary restrictions. Our foster team requested a loving home for her to rest in so she could heal from her ailments. One of our volunteers quickly answered the call to take in Coco Kitty.

While in her foster home, Coco Kitty healed entirely from her URI. Her confident personality shone through during her healing journey, and she never relented in demanding love and attention from every friend she met. She quickly caught the eyes of a potential new forever family after being made available for adoption.

Our team contacted the foster family and organized an introduction for her to meet this new family. 

After thinking about adding Coco Kitty to the family, her potential new sister confidently said to her mom the following morning, “Let’s go get her, mom; she is waiting on us. She can’t live the rest of her life in a shelter.” They knew they had to come into the Adoption Center and bring her home. Since settling in, Coco Kitty has become incredibly spoiled and has captured the hearts of her new siblings, with her new mom telling us the teenagers in the house try hard to keep the volume down on their games so they don’t disturb her too much and give her the peace they believe she needs. Readers like you give pets like Coco Kitty a life worth living!