I need support for an animal in my care:

Stray Animal
Pet Surrender
I found a stray animal

Thank you for caring for our community's creatures! To begin the process of reuniting a stray animal with its family, please fill out the form below:

Lost or Found Pet Report

If it is during business hours, our staff will be with you shortly to assist with resources and next steps.

If it is after hours, and the animal is not dangerous or sick/injured, please consider temporarily opening your home to them.

If you need supplies to support housing the animal, please enter the front doors of the shelter to the vestibule and help yourself to anything you may need. Please be considerate with what you take as many other people may need those supplies as well. The supplies will be available Monday-Saturday from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. 

Shelter Services

For more information about Rabies vaccines, microchips, microchip tags, end-of-life services, and directions to the shelter, please click below.