Spunky Mildred bounces herself to a new home

Mildred is an energetic and spunky mature lady who loves pets and treks outside. She has long awaited the perfect family to walk up to her and take her home. Her age, color, and home restrictions may have contributed to her long stay with us, but she never gave up in her quest to meet the perfect person to take her home.

From bouncing her legs back and forth in excitement for walks to trying to run rather than stroll, Mildred has quite a joy for life. Our staff adore Mildred and were always willing to give her the grace and patience she needed. After she wears herself out, her priority is to be the lap dog she was meant to be, scooching herself closer to ensure she gets all the pets she knows she deserves.

One afternoon, a gentleman came into our adoption center specifically to meet Mildred. He shared that he prefers to adopt senior dogs to give them the golden years they deserve. The following day, after talking to his family, he came back with a new sweater, collar, and leash in hand to take Mildred home with him. Mildred has settled into her new home, where she can take naps in the sunshine and go on long walks with her new family.

Because of YOU, animals like Mildred can find their forever homes.

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