Asheville Humane Society Announces Exciting Rebrand

Asheville Humane Society (AHS) does not stop at adopt.


As Buncombe County’s only open-intake shelter, AHS is dedicated to promoting the compassionate treatment of animals in our community through education, sheltering, and adoption. This week, AHS has launched the organization’s official rebrand to strengthen its commitment to supporting local animals in need.


“Asheville Humane Society is excited to announce its new website and branding changes. While our branding may look and feel different, our name and mission have not changed,” said Jacqui Friedrich, Chairwoman of the Board. “As Asheville Humane Society continues to evolve and to be proactive under current conditions, our branding is also evolving to create a new face of the same wonderful organization. We believe the change will make a deeper connection between our signature brand and our passionate work.”


Over the past year, AHS has saved or supported over 11,000 animals, helped foster almost 1,400 pets, and hosted 30 canine behavior courses for local pets. The organization has a renewed commitment to the Buncombe County community and the pets who call it home. 


It is truly an incredible time for Asheville Humane Society as we unveil our new branding standards and website. Our rebuilt and state-of-the-art website has more information in an organized manner while providing an exceptional user experience. The new website will help us achieve our goal of ensuring every animal in our care finds their forever home and has a life worth living,” said John Haas, Interim Executive Director of Asheville Humane Society.


AHS is thrilled to announce the launch of the new website! 


“Our previous website served us well, but it was outdated, not very mobile-friendly, and finding the information you needed wasn’t always easy,” said Lisa Johns, JD, CAWA, Chief Operating Officer of Asheville Humane Society. “Our new website fixes these issues while providing a more modern look and experience. We will continue to offer all of the programs and services that you have come to recognize Asheville Humane Society for. We want your experience finding that information or access to those services to be easier!”


Asheville Humane Society is delighted to continue serving local pets and their people with a new look and feel. Through this rebrand, AHS will reach more people than ever before, ensuring every animal who comes through our doors can live a life worth living.

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