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Your Name (First and Last): 
Lily Dickinson
Phone number (please include area code): 
Species of Pet: 
Pet's Sex: 
Is your pet spayed/neutered?: 
Pet's Age: 
2 - 6 months
Weight (in pounds): 
Does your animal have a microchip?: 
How did you get your pet?: 
How long have you had your pet? *: 
4 months
How long can you keep your pet before surrendering? *If less than one week, please call our Safety Net helpline at 828 761-2008: 
1 Month
Why do you need to rehome your pet?: 
Not Right Fit
Check all the following that describe your pet: 
Very active
Couch potato
Always at your side
Likes men
Likes women
For dogs only - what is your dog's energy level?: 
N/a (not a dog)
For dogs only - what level of exercise does your dog usually get daily (exercise may include playing, walking, running, etc): 
n/a (not a dog)
What is something you love about your pet? What else should someone know about your pet?: 
This is Mochi. He is very independent, gentle, delicate, and a very sweet bunny. I'm not sure what breed he is. He's about 5 months and not fixed. Back home he wandered the house and litter box trained himself! He likes to keep his space very neat, he doesn't chew on anything. He would be a great house rabbit. He is an angel. He loves to relax on my bed, or hang out by my feet while I'm doing work. Strange as it sounds, he loves if you rub your nose on his face. He prefers kisses over pets.
Has your pet lived with: 
How many hours is your pet home alone each day?: 
4-6 hours
What does your pet dislike or fear?: 
He does well with being held, but is a little skittish about being pet.çBefore he hit puberty he was great with my other male bunny, they played together and cuddled a lot. he would most likely do well with a female companion bunny. But he likes to be the only boy in the house and loves his humans. If you are looking for a calm, Independent, companion, mochi really would be perfect. He would do best with adult owners. Mochi really is such an angel.
Where is your pet kept during the day?: 
Play-Pen (will be provided) or roams the house
Where does your pet sleep at night?: 
Play-Pen (provided)
How does your pet ride in the car?: 
He has done well in car rides
Please list any past or present injuries, treatment or other medical histories.: 
I agree that I will respond to all requests for more information about my pet in a timely manner (Checking No will stop Post): 
I certify that I am the lawful owner of the pet identified here: 

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