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Your Name (First and Last): 
mallory foster
Phone number (please include area code): 
Species of Pet: 
Pet's Sex: 
Is your pet spayed/neutered?: 
Pet's Age: 
Domestic shorthair / domestic long hair
Weight (in pounds): 
Does your animal have a microchip?: 
How did you get your pet?: 
mary paws
How long have you had your pet? *: 
1 year and 1 month
How long can you keep your pet before surrendering? *If less than one week, please call our Safety Net helpline at 828 761-2008: 
1 Week
Why do you need to rehome your pet?: 
Owner Life Changes
Check all the following that describe your pet: 
Very active
Likes to be touched
Likes men
Likes women
For dogs only - what is your dog's energy level?: 
N/a (not a dog)
For dogs only - what level of exercise does your dog usually get daily (exercise may include playing, walking, running, etc): 
n/a (not a dog)
What is something you love about your pet? What else should someone know about your pet?: 
They have the biggest personalities of any cats I have ever met; they are extremely affectionate and love to play. Angus has a love for straws and the laser pointer, and Wallace adores cotton swabs and stuffed mice toys. They are both completely litter box trained, and they are food motivated; I started to train them to play fetch. Wallace likes to beg for pets and scratches, he can’t get enough love and affection. They don’t seem to have any interest in my house plants or in eating people food, they don’t take food off plates or counters, and really only accept food snacks if they are frosting or tuna. They must be adopted together, they have never been separated and have a strong attachment to each other.
Has your pet lived with: 
How many hours is your pet home alone each day?: 
What does your pet dislike or fear?: 
so far just the vacuum
Where is your pet kept during the day?: 
in the house
Where does your pet sleep at night?: 
where ever they would like
How does your pet ride in the car?: 
they meow
Please list any past or present injuries, treatment or other medical histories.: 
I agree that I will respond to all requests for more information about my pet in a timely manner (Checking No will stop Post): 
I certify that I am the lawful owner of the pet identified here: 

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