You Get We Give

Help Homeless Animals And Get A Great Deal

Asheville Humane Society is a participating organization in You Get,We Give, an Asheville-based service that offers you tremendous deals on meals at local restaurants, spa treatments, massages, auto maintenance and much more. Deals have included and will include Neo Cantina, Frank's Pizza, Fiore's, Corner Kitchen, Glow Esthetics, and O3 Health and Fitness. 

It's easy to take advantage of these great offers. Simply sign up at and you'll receive email notices of deals as soon as they become available. When you purchase a deal, just select Asheville Humane Society as your preferred organization when you check out, and we receive 10 percent from each transaction. You Get,We Give tells us that Asheville Humane Society has gotten more people to take advantage of these deals than any other participating nonprofit.

Signing up is free, and the more animal lovers who sign up and select Asheville Humane Society, the more you'll be helping the animals -- and, of course, you'll be helping yourself by getting deals with discounts of 50 percent or more. So sign up at today!