Special Pets For Special People

Phoenix was a victim of animal cruelty. He was adopted by a kind lady who doesn't mind that Phoenix is blind.

We are seeking someone special and it could be you!

Thanks to generous donors, compassionate foster parents, and dedicated staff, we’re able to save lives of special needs animals. These pets might require mobility assistance, extra medicines, or a home without children or other pets. They might be elderly, handicapped, or suffer from a chronic health condition. Some may simply be harder to re-home. Although these pets may take more time, attention, or care, we know they're worth it.

These pets deserve a special someone to love them.

Could it be you?

If you’re willing to open your heart and home to one of our special needs pets, please contact our Adoption Services Director, Pam Burgess, at adoptions@ashevillehumane.org.

Mr. Tuesday

Mr. Tuesday’s soft, sweet gaze tells you he has a story to share. At four years old, Mr. Tuesday is hoping for a happily ever after with a loving family. This stray kitty was hit by a car and suffered from a broken pelvis.

One Tuesday morning, a citizen saw a cat lying by the side of the road. She scooped him up and tried to find his owner. After knocking on several doors without luck, she decided to bring him to Buncombe County Animal Shelter for medical attention. The shelter was not open but A-B Tech’s Vet Tech offices were. The students took Mr. Tuesday and quickly went to work. After much rehabilitation, and a special name, Mr. Tuesday is ready for a caring family to take him home.

He enjoys a good head scratch and prefers a quiet house where he can relax. Mr. Tuesday does not move quickly, so we recommend a home without dogs or small children. His previous injuries require that he receive cat joint supplements and stay indoors.

If you are looking for a calm, sweet cat to join your family, please consider visiting Mr. Tuesday. He’s a courageous cat with plenty of heart!

If you are interested in adopting, please e-mail  adoptions@ashevillehumane.org