Services At Our Adoption Center

Volunteer Opportunities

Asheville Humane Society invites everyone in Buncombe County to get involved with our lifesaving programs through volunteer work. No matter your ability to help, there is a volunteer opportunity available to integrate into your busy lifestyle that compliments your gracious heart and willingness to help. For more information about our volunteer program, click here


Adoption Services

Our professionally trained, experienced Adoption Counselors will work one-on-one with you to match you with a pet that meets your lifestyle expectations. Asheville Humane Society embraces an open adoption philosophy which means we take an educational approach to all of our adoptions. Our counselors work with you to identify the specific needs for the specific pet you might be interested in adopting. Together, we can outline the financial expectations of pet ownership, the veterinary medical requirements, and how the pet’s behavior will assimilate to your lifestyle. Our goal is to make lifelong matches so that the animal you adopt from us truly does become the love of your life. To see the adorable, loving furry faces who need you, please click here

Foster Care

More than 50% of the animals that we place into new, loving homes originally came through the Buncombe County Animal Shelter with some type of treatable medical issue. Most of the animals simply have a cold and need some time to recuperate. This is why we need foster parent volunteers to help us save lives. The average length of stay for an animal in a foster home is approximately two weeks. Sometimes the pet needs a round of antibiotics to get over a cold whereas other pets simply are still too young for adoption and need to grow stronger. No matter the reason, last year we saved 1,059 animals through our foster program thanks to 210 foster families. The emotional gratification of caring for these little, helpless furry faces is all the love you’ve been seeking. Please consider becoming a foster parent today by clicking here.

Lily-Grace Fund

Originally created in 2008, this medical rehabilitation fund was established to give ill or injured animals a chance at adoption. More than half of the animals that we adopt out require some type of medical care before they are healthy enough to be adopted. We rely on foster parents to take care of these loving animals and need the Lily-Grace funding to pay for the medicine or surgery required to save their lives. Without the Lily-Grace Fund, many of these animals wouldn’t receive the second chance they desperately deserve. To make a donation to our Lily-Grace medical rehabilitation fund, click here.