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Mariah Hughes
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PLEASE Adopt this amazing cat! I don't want to have to surrender her. Lucy is one of the smartest cats I've owned and therefore has a lot of personality. She even goes on hikes with us! I got her when she was a kitten. She had tons of energy and would bound around the house. As she grew, so did her personality. She did quirky things, like take naps in the bathroom sink and hide when she would hear me coming, only to bound out at me when I entered the room. She used to follow me around the house. She was my little companion. Not your typical lap cat, but that is what I loved about her. You would feel really special when she did decide to cozy up. But you can't pet her for too long, or she may turn and snap. All of these things were fine, until I had kids. At one point, when her claw got stuck in my child's earlobe, we decided she needed to be an outdoor cat. But unfortunately, she wants inside so bad. So she claws at the windows and hurls herself against the doors. We tried letting her in just at night, but my husband didn't want her in the bed with us and so she just continued her shenanigans to try to get in the room with us. The result was she would wake us up and sometimes our kids. Adding on to the sleep deprivation already experienced by having kids, is just unacceptable to us at this point in our lives. Before having kids, it was never a problem. I don't remember being woken up by her and if I was, I was able to go back to sleep. Unlike if she wakes up a 2 year old! Then everyone is up. She really is a great cat and I was extremely fond of her. But now, my kids and my sleep are the most important things and Lucy is, sadly, a bit unloved. I'm really hoping someone can take her and give her a better life. She wants to be indoor/outdoor and is not satisfied with just one or the other. She is a pretty good mouser. We've never had any other pets, so she is territorial and doesn't like other animals. But this is probably something she could get used to. Since she has been committed to the outdoors, we have to keep her food out there and it is attracting other neighborhood animals.