Protect Your Pet

Each year, nearly 4,000 animals enter the Buncombe County Animal Shelter because they are lost and separated from their families. Losing a pet can devastate a family. Chief William Anderson and Sheriff Van Duncan recognize the importance of pet identification and encourage all citizens to take protective measures to help lost pets reunite with their families.


Protect Your Pet: Microchip and ID

Nearly 60% of the animals coming to the Buncombe County Animal Shelter are strays. If a pet has appropriate identification like a collar and ID tag or a microchip, we can quickly reunite the lost pet with their worried owner. At point of intake, we scan every incoming animal for a microchip. This is why it is crucial that your contact information is current in the microchip registry. At times, we will find a microchip in an animal and our attempts to contact the owner are restricted by a disconnected phone number or change of address. If you would like your pet microchipped, the Shelter can provide that service to you at a reasonable cost. Please call (828) 250-6430 to make an appointment for this procedure.

Did You Know?

Last year, we reunited over 1,000 lost pets with their worried owners. Lost pets are a serious problem for our community. Nearly 60% of all animals entering the Buncombe County Animal Shelter are lost.

Our Lost and Found team works diligently to reunite families with their beloved pets, but we need your help. Microchipping and wearing a personalized ID tag with current contact information greatly increases the ability to return a lost pet to their family and both can be obtained at the Buncombe County Animal Shelter.

Bring your beloved pet to the Buncombe County Animal Shelter in 2014 to be outfitted with a FREE identification tag and collar! Call (828) 250-6430 for more information about the ASPCA ID Me program that is FREE for Buncombe County residents.

Our ID ME program is courtesy of the ASPCA