Pet Training Classes

The Dog Door Behavior Center has developed a pilot program for shelter dogs as part of a national education campaign called the DRIVE Initiative™. We have partnered with The Dog Door to further develop the shelter portion of this initiative which improves our dogs’ quality of life through behavioral and organic enrichment. The Dog Door also offers a variety of training classes and enrichment/educational opportunities for the public.

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We also partner with Pet Behavior Aid, a nonprofit organization made up of experienced pet trainers, to provide affordable, positive reinforcement training classes that teach pet owners how to properly communicate expectations to their pets. Pet Behavior Aid offers several different dog and puppy training classes and help sessions for dogs and cats. Classes are open to anyone and dogs of any age, and are held at our Adoption and Education Center. Many of these classes are free. For schedules and class descriptions visit and learn how Pet Behavior Aid can help you develop better understanding and communication with your dog or cat.

For more information, contact or call (828) 707-0644.

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