Magic's Story

When Sheriff Deputies brought this dejected poodle to us, he was so severely matted that his fur was pulling and ripping his skin. He was caked in feces, mud, urine and debris. His coat was so long, matted and corded we immediately knew this poodle had been neglected for years. He was beginning to shut down. Lethargic and in pain. Tragically, the worst was yet to be discovered ... from his shoulders down to his tail, he was infested with maggots. Most would give up on this pitiful boy. But his spirit stole our hearts and we're doing all we can to give him love, happiness, and human kindness. Something he may never have known before. Considering his circumstances... we named him Magic.


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If you would like to help with the rehabilitative efforts for Magic or other neglected animals, please join other animal lovers and chip-in to our Lily-Grace Fund established to provide medical rehabilitative care to injured or ill animals. Thank you for helping us save lives of animals who have been neglected or abused so they can find love and happiness.


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Be a voice for animals who have no one to speak for them. Share Magic's story by purchasing a T-shirt and/or pin. You will be an ambassador for Magic and all the animals who need rescuing. All proceeds will go directly to Magic's Fund to save abused and neglected animals. 



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