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Zoe aka Bambi

Adopted: February 2014

We lost our little Miss TacoBelle several months ago due to an ongoing illness. At this time I said we would never have another dog because it was too painful to go thru the loss. After a few months I found myself missing having a pet, so we started looking, and of course it was rescue groups that we looked at because that is what we have always done. For some unknown reason on that day I just looked at the Asheville Humane Society website and there she was, a little Chihuahua named Bambi. I called, they took my name and number and then her picture was gone from the website. It just so happened I was the first caller, thank goodness, we met the next day and all of us knew it was a match. We have had her for a little over a month and she is a perfect fit. Thank you so much

Submitted By: Gary and Marie McClure

Bambi ( originally Thumper)

Adopted: January 2013

Bambi has been amazing! We were looking for a rabbit for months when we found her. She is small but has a HUGE personality!! She'll even jump on your back! She's tolerant and will let you carry her. Thank you AHS for our wonderful rabbit!!

Submitted By: Olivia


Adopted: 1year

i love her so much she loves playing with her house mates loves to cuddle she is a sweetheart thanks humane society for giving this lovely pit a second chance

Submitted By: mike

Cat (formerly Fiesta)

Adopted: Late October 2012

When I went to the humane society I did so on a whim and was JUST going to look, but then I found my darling girl. She was a little freaked out in the shelter, but once we got to know each other I could see that she was sweet-tempered and playful. We got home and everything fell perfectly into place. She is amazing company, has a very distinct personality, and makes coming home at the end of the day pleasant. She's a talkative girl, independent and yet loving. Her favorite activity is sleeping wherever I am, and chasing hair ties around the house!

Submitted By: Jessica


Adopted: January 2012

I was very indecisive when I was trying to choose a cat. With the help of a Humane Society volunteer (Megan?) who knew better than to cater to my apprehension, I adopted Casco (formerly Jack) a little over a year ago. I couldn't have chosen a more loving or well-behaved cat. He still charms all guests to our apartment with his signature head-butting, and I'm happy to say he has more than adequately gained his weight back. I stole him from his native South as we relocated to Maine last summer. He's not crazy about the snow but he's made friends with everyone he's met since. He has converted no less than 3 cat haters to appreciators.

Submitted By: Dup Crosson

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