Assistance With Vet Care Expenses

Assistance With Veterinary Bills:

Breed-Specific Veterinary Care Assistance Programs:


Special Needs Dobermans:

Dougal's Helping Paw (Scottish Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and other small, short-legged terriers):


Labrador Lifeline:

Westimed (West Highland White Terriers)

Pyramedic Trust
(Great Pyrenees):


Non Breed-Specific Veterinary Care Assistance Programs:

The Big Hearts Fund (Raises funds and awareness for pets diagnosed with heart disease):

Brown Dog Foundation (Financial assistance for medical care):

Care Credit (Credit card company for veterinary care): or 1-800-667-0718

Canine Cancer Awareness (Assistance for veterinary care for dogs with cancer whose families are financially unable to provide treatment):

The Dog & Cat Cancer (Assistance for pet owners whose dog or cat is fighting cancer):

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance (Financial assistance for life-threatening illness or injury):

Frankie’s Friends (Financial assistance for pets with cancer and other diseases):; call 1-866-465-PETS

Gracie’s Mission (Focused on assisting pet owners, on a limited income, with holistic medical treatment for their pet):; call 1-617-418-7441

Handicapped Pets (Support for owners of elderly, disabled, and special needs pets):; call 1-888-811-7387

    IMOM (Financial assistance to avoid unnecessary euthanasia):

    The Magic Bullet Fund (Financial assistance for dogs with cancer):; call 1-914-941-0159

    The Mosby Foundation (Financial assistance for critically ill or injured dog):

    The Onyx & Breezy Foundation (Funding and support for various animal-related needs):

    Paws 4 A Cure (Financial assistance for dog and cat owners):

    The Pet Fund (Financial assistance for urgent vet care); call 1-916-443-6007

    Pets-DC (Provides pet resources for people living with HIV/AIDS or other disabling conditions):

    Red Rover (Offers resources and supports for emergency situations):

    The Riedel & Cody Fund (Treatment funding for pets with cancer):; call 1-203-295-0355

    Shakespeare Animal Fund (Pet assistance for people in need):

    Veterinary Care Assistance for Working/Service Dogs:

    Helping Harley Cancer Treatment Grant:

    Assistance Dogs Special Allowance Program:


    This list is continually growing and changing. If you know of any other organization that is providing assistance with animal expenses, please contact us at: