Are You Sure?


Life can take surprising and difficult turns. You lose your job. You have to move. You go through a divorce. Your pet may get sick, or start acting strange. 

When bad times hit, you may think you have to give up your pet. But if you're going through something rough, holding on to your best friend can be all the more important.

We're not here to judge you - we're here to help.

Many pet-related problems are solvable! Talk to our staff about your situation. Whether it's a pet behavior problem, a housing issue, or another kind of crisis, the more information we have, the better we'll be able to advise you and come up with solutions that might help you and your animal stay together.

We can't always make miracles happen. But we want to try.

To speak with an admitting counselor to discuss your concerns or to make an appointment, please call the Buncombe County Animal Shelter at (828) 250-6430.




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